Monday, March 22, 2010

StopRestart Coldfusion Service

1. Open up the services control panel: Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Services 2. Find and entry named something like: Coldfusion Application Server 3. Right-Click, select "Stop" 4. Right-Click, select "Start"

Reset Coldfusion Admin Password

To Reset a Lost Administrator Password: 1. Find the the file "neo-security.xml". This is in the lib directory of you ColdFusion MX install. For example in Windows it would be something like C:\CFusionMX\lib\ and on UNIX /opt/coldfusionmx/lib 2. Change the variable to false. Before: <var name=''> <boolean value='true'/> </var> After: <var name=''> <boolean value='false'/> </var> 3. Restart the ColdFusion process. 4. Access the coldfusion control panel. Depending on how you have it installed, the url should be something like: 5. Change the administrator password and re-enable security. 5.1. In the control panel, scroll the menu down to and expand "Security" 5.2. Select "CF Admin Password". 5.3. Check "Use a ColdFusion Administrative password" 5.4. Enter new password and confirm 5.5. Click "Submit Changes"